Football, rugby, tennis… The new passion of the investment fund

In the process of sale of the Girondins de Bordeaux (FCGB) at the american investment fund General American Capital Partners (GACP), which must take a decisive step forward in front of the city council of bordeaux, Friday 12 October, the supporters of the club were deployed in September, this banner : “The FCGB is not a financial product. “The finance is not of this opinion : the investment fund is increasingly interested in the professional sport, considered inhospitable, there is still a decade. The investors were, until then, to accompany the clubs in the construction of stadia, play on the sports marketing or buy-back of equipment manufacturers. Some bank now on what makes the flesh of the professional sports clubs and competitions.

Interviewed on the 12th of September, in The Team on the reasons of the redemption of the Girondins de Bordeaux to M6, the american financial Joseph DaGrosa, owner of GACP, does not beat : “football is a growing industry and it is expected to last for a long time. “If he wraps up his speech promises to make the team” better that[they] only[have] found “, he does not hide to do a short-term investment, ” five or ten years “, in the hope of making a profit by selling the club.

Other hedge funds have already placed their pawns in League 1 : IDG Capital is a minority shareholder (20 %) of Olympique lyonnais ; Elliott Management, the new owner of AC Milan, has funded the purchase of the LOSC, club lille, by businessman Gerard Lopez and has its place in the board of managers of the club. Peak6, a minority shareholder of the ACE Rome, or that of Bournemouth, England, has tried to redeem AS Saint-Etienne. The project has failed, the direction of the Green, fearing that “the investment Peak6 (…) do not correspond to the ambition” of the club.

“Market very few mature…

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