Food Innovation : in search of the perfect recipe

Who picked up the pom-pom of innovation, in 2018, in the supermarket shelves ? Even if the race is not over, the ice is Kinder Bueno is far in the lead. And yet, you say, is this product in the air of the time trends of consumption ? Side composition : fat, sugar, and salt. Which of the coconut oil rich in saturated fatty acids, and glucose. As to the place of manufacture of this sweetness, this can be as well-France, Germany, Hungary or Italy.

Difficult to do less vegetal, less good health, less organic, less natural taste or less local. He is the opposite of the main slogans of the Salon international de l’alimentation (SIAL), which takes place at Paris-Nord-Villepinte, Seine-Saint-Denis, from 21 to 25 October.

Organized every two years, this great mass of food provides a showcase for international companies and to French SMES wishing to sign distribution agreements. And highlights 800 innovations scrutinized by visitors willing to scrimp new ideas, searching for inspiration.

This year the SIAL show exhibits in her assortment a water kefir with fruit, vegan, vegetables, legumes in the form of a grain of rice, frozen vegetables without pesticide residues or aioli black garlic, or a gin distilled with juniper and olives… A menu meant to reflect the changing appetites of consumers.

“We are on expectations of stronger taste, true, sense. With flavors strong enough and authentic, sometimes linked to the fermentation. With a search of naturalness and alliance between pleasure and health. But also with the concern for the impact of his power on the ecosystem, ” said Nicolas Trentesaux, director of SIAL.

18-35 years old, ” opinion leaders, important ”

The organizers of the event are, in effect, each time the pulse of the French. However, as emphasized by Pascale Grelot-Girard…

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