Foncia this the 1st cycle of the life estate : the young and the departure from the parental home So…

If for 57% of 18-34 year olds autonomy is an ideal of life, more than a third would prefer to stay at home with their parents

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· 31% of 18-24 year olds and 42% of 25-34 year-olds are owners or co-owners of their housing

Foncia accompanies the French all along their itinerary, real-estate, leaving the family home, passing by the arrival of 1st child up to the transition to retirement. The Group deciphers the report of the French in housing, their ideals of life real estate, between mobility and the desire for investment, during the three main stages of life. The 1st survey of this “trilogy” to “the life cycle of real estate of the French “relates to” the young and the departure of the parental home “.

The studies, one factor mobility increasingly important

For 57% of the young French autonomy and freedom is an ideal of life in terms of housing. However, 31% of 18-34 year olds would prefer to stay with their parents for the comfort that this situation brings, and 79% are sedentary and aspire to settle down in one place permanently.

The life estate begins with the departure from the parental home, which is on average 21 years old, an age which does not change with over the years, when the reasons they are changing. Because if in the whole, and for the older generations, the fact of living with her spouse was the primary motivation for settling in, for the current generation, the departure from the parental home is more related now to the need to be closer to his place of study.

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For 18-24 year olds, the 1 housing is predominantly rented to a particular person (48%), even if the real estate agencies (33%) and university residences (12%) take two times more magnitude than it was 40 years ago.
In order to pay their rent, with 54% of young people work, and a non-negligible part support (family, APL, minimum social, etc)

Home ownership remains an ideal of life among the youth

For young people, becoming a homeowner remains an important issue (70% of 18-24 year-olds).
31% of 18-24 year olds and 42% of 25-34 year olds to take the decisive step by becoming owners or co-owners. This trend is consistent with the data of the French population as a whole : 84 % of French people wish to gain access to the property, but only 58% of them (51%) in the Ile-de-France) are owners of their housing.

The ideal age to gain access to the property is estimated to be 30 years ; in fact, the 1st slot is bought at the age of 31. All generations, living in a house remains an ideal of life for 78% of the French.

For 56% of 18-24-year-olds and 45% of 25-34 year-olds, the cities remain particularly attractive.

Methodology : at the request of the group Foncia, BVA conducted a survey via the Internet among a representative sample of the French population aged 18 years and over.
2001 individuals were interviewed from 9 to 18 December 2016.
The sample was constructed according to the method of quotas applied to the following variables : sex, age, CSP, the head of the family and dwelling occupancy status primary after stratification by region and category of agglomeration.

About the Group FONCIA
Foncia is now the n°1 in France for the management of condominiums, rental management and rental of goods and n°3 in Property Management. Foncia is also present in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium.
The Group is a key player in the global real estate services, residential and tertiary, and offers a comprehensive and integrated services : the management of condominiums 24h/7, rental management, rental, sale, purchase, rental, estimate, insurance, technical diagnostic, brokerage, energy, etc
Foncia has a network of 500 agencies led by more than 8 500 employees in France and around the world who work daily to defend the interests of their clients. With strong growth, the Group generated a turnover of more than 750 M€ in 2016.
Foncia is also developing a platform dedicated to the investment in real estate new and old, the ” stone paper “, in full property or in dismemberment.
With its subsidiary Foncia Pierre Gestion, the Group also manages the real Estate Investment trusts (REITS) and allows its customers to have access to the best of them through its platform Primaliance. These REITS own more than 460 real estate assets (offices and retail) of approximately 400 000 m2.

Key figures as at 31 December 2016 in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium
500 agencies
8 500 employees
1.7 million customers
More than 750 million euros of turnover
The market shares in France : Rental Management 11%, co-Ownership 14%, Rental 8%, Transaction of 2.5%
1 270 000 assets administered in the management of condominiums representing over 41 000 buildings
330 000 properties managed by rental management
75 600 rentals
14 000 sales
14 000 vacation rentals
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