Fingerprints touchsensor FPC1145 with in Huawei’s new PC Matebook E

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23 may 2017

Fingerprints touchsensor FPC1145 with in Huawei’s new PC Matebook E

The world biometribolaget Fingerprint Cards (Fingerprints) recently announced that the entire company’s portfolio of touchsensorer is available for the PC. Fingerprints touchsensor FPC1145 has now been integrated into Huawei’s new PC Matebook E.

Fingerprints new the PC offer allows superior biometric performance in Huawei’s new tablets. Fingerprints touchsensor FPC1145 is integrated in Huawei’s Matebook E, which was launched earlier in the day.

“The threats of identity theft and theft of personal information is increasingly becoming a major problem for PC-users, in particular, that the boundary between private and professional use continues to blur. Huawei’s Matebook E use of our PC-offer to secure the biometric data during transmission and storage, so that avändarna can use their fingerprints without having to worry about”, says Niklas Battle, SVP, Head of Business Line PC & Embedded on the Fingerprint Cards.

Huawei’s Matebook E with FPC1145 use Intel’s Security Guard Extention (Intel ® SGX) in its CPU in combination with the market-leading AES-encryption to secure biometric data – both for communication and storage.

Fingerprints advanced algorithm makes it possible that the thin FPC1145-sensor can be as thin as 3.5 mm and still achieve the full Windows 10 Hello, biometric performance, including the FPC SafeTouch® against counterfeiting.

“Those who use Huawei’s Matebook E may take farewell of their difficult password, to identify themselves with the Windows Hello, and enjoy a more comfortable and secure PC experience,” concludes Niklas Battle, SVP, Head of Business Line PC & Embedded on Fingeprint Cards.

The safety requirements placed on sensors in the PC segment is very high. Fingerprints PC offer is currently available for the test customers and the designimplementation for all of the company’s industry-leading sensors, including touchsensorn FPC1268, which can be mounted under glass.

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About Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) is a high-tech listed company that develops, produces and markets biometric technology, which, through analysis and matching of individuals ‘ unique fingermönster establishes personal identity. It allows for secure and comfortable handling for the user without the need of passwords or pin codes. FPC’s technology provides world-leading benefits and include unique image quality, extreme robustness, low power consumption and complete biometric systems. With these advantages and, in combination with the very low manufacturing costs, the technology can be implemented in volume products such as mobiles, tablets and biometric card where the requirements for these properties is extremely high. FPC’s technology is well proven in a number of application areas.

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