Fingerprint Cards in the world premiere from Microsoft – the world’s first keyboard with an invisible fingerprint sensor hidden in the key

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16 June 2017

Fingerprint Cards in the world premiere from Microsoft – the world’s first keyboard with an invisible fingerprint sensor hidden in the key

The world biometribolaget Fingerprint Cards (FingerprintsTM) touchsensor FPC1025 is in Microsoft’s “Modern Keyboard” with fingerprint ID. The launch is a world premiere because this is the first keyboard that contains an invisible fingerprint sensor, hidden in a standard key.

“We’re excited to now get to see Microsoft launch this pioneering product, and, of course, pleased that our industry leading technology is integrated in it. We are also proud to be able to support such a great and influential player, it is a proof of our products ‘ performance. This launch is a very interesting step for the fast-moving PC industry,” said Bob Battle, Senior Vice President, Business Line PC & Embedded, on the Fingerprint Cards.

“The safety requirements in the PC segment is very high, so this launch is also proof that we have the capability to expand with our existing product offering. What applies to the typical use in the PC, so the development is quite similar to the mobile systems and our technology will allow users to unlock their computers and make safe and secure payments,” concludes Niklas Battle, Senior Vice President, Business Line PC and Embedded.

Previously Fingerprints communicated to all the company’s touchsensorer is available for the PC.

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Fingerprint Cards AB, Fingerprints, is the leading global biometribolaget with Swedish roots, whose mission is to lead the development of biometric interaction that allows the individual’s convenience and privacy. The usefulness is evidenced daily in the millions of entities through billions of sensortryckningar of the user is his private key – in other words; with a human touch. Fingerprints develop biometric systems consisting of sensors, algorithms, software, and paketeringsteknologier. The success is based on product development with a technical excellence at the forefront, resulting in world-leading products in terms of safety, ease of use and performance. Current product range consists to the largest part of the fingeravtryckssensorer and the customers are primarily companies that manufacture smartphones and tablets where the company is the market leader. As the use of biometric solutions increase, seems Fingerprints in order to broaden the offer with more biometrimetoder, or modalities, and that solutions should be found also in other market segments such as smartcards, PC, vehicles and internet-connected devices (IoT). Fingerprints are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (FING B). The company has had a strong growth and turnover in 2016 6 638 M, with an operating margin of 39 per cent. The majority of the more than 400 employed persons is in Sweden but the company has offices throughout the world, from Shanghai to Silicon Valley.

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Press release

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