Financing of terrorism : the game of dupes of the leaders of Lafarge

Who is responsible for the sinking morale of the Lafarge group in Syria ? Information court for ” financing of terrorism “, open against the cement companies in June 2017, has established two facts : that its subsidiary, syrian Lafarge Cement Syria (LCS) converted to cash to terrorist groups, the security of his factory of Jalabiya, in the north of the country, and it is supplied by the raw materials on areas controlled by the organization islamic State (EI) and the Frente Al-Nosra, affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

These two violations being documented, the co-investigating judges are now seeking to establish the individual and collective responsibilities. Six people have already been indicted at the beginning of December 2017 : the two former directors of LCS (Bruno Pescheux and Frederic Jolibois), as well as four officials of the group in Paris (Bruno Lafont, ex-CEO of Lafarge group, Christian Herrault, former deputy director general, operational, Eric Olsen, former HR director, and Jean-Claude Veillard, former director safety).

Over the course of their interrogations, the judges are striving to trace back the decision chain to understand if the company Lafarge SA, which belongs to the group LafargeHolcim since the merger with the swiss group in 2015 – may be indicted as a legal entity. According to the hearings from which The World took notice, their task is akin to an enormous game of Russian dolls, each officer is discarding them on the floor hierarchical lower or higher. A dilution of responsibilities at an alarming share of a multinational operating in a country at war.

The fools ‘game begins at the top of the pyramid, in Switzerland, where the headquarters of LafargeHolcim denounces at length communicated the “errors” committed by the “local management” of the subsidiary in syria. The former director of the said subsidiary, Bruno Pescheux, affirms, however, in justice be…

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