Farewell London, and Unilever prefer to retain a single seat in Rotterdam

Chronic. It is decided, the dough, Marmite and Lipton tea are their suitcases. They cross the Channel, in the direction of Rotterdam. Emoi in the cottages of England. Two major institutions of british culture are the costs of the decision of their parent company, the Unilever group, the third largest company in the Uk, repatriate its head office in the netherlands. The first minister Theresa May in full operation “post-Brexit” seduction of the business world, takes for his grade.

However, the company ensures that its movement is not political and is only intended to simplify an operation too complex. Since 1930, and the marriage of the margarine in the Dutch, United with the know british lever Brothers, the firm had two boards, two general assemblies and two seats social. Will there be more than one. In addition, this new legal structure will, according to the company, to facilitate mergers and acquisitions as well as divestitures, always common in a conglomerate as diverse. Moreover, the group noted that two of its three activities, the cosmetics and cleaning products, will remain based in the United Kingdom, which will lose practically none of its 7 300 employees, two times more than in the netherlands.

But there is another explanation than that of the simplification of a group that lives very well for over seventy years with his current organisation : the fear of the raider. In February 2017, Kraft, Heinz was attempting a takeover bid to $ 140 billion (114 billion euros) on Unilever. A hostile TAKEOVER bid, led to the brutal manner of the investment fund 3G Capital, owner of the food giant american, whose specialty is the hunting costs. For Unilever, it was the promise of a dismantling and days painful.

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