Facebook wants to turn the page of the scandal and launches a platform for encounters

A month after his hearing before the u.s. Congress, Mark Zuckerberg wants to turn the page. Tuesday, may 1, at the opening of the conference F8, an event for developers, in San Jose (California), the boss of Facebook has not evaded the recent polemics, not hesitating to wield a self-deprecating humor. But most importantly, it has attempted to open a new chapter. “We have the responsibility to move forward, continue to build tools to bring the world “, he launched in front of more than 5,000 people gathered for this great annual event.

The founder of Facebook feels invested with a mission. “It is surprising to see that few technologies were designed around people,” he stressed. If we do not work on this problem, the world will not move of itself. “Specifically, the company wants to refocus its experience around family and friends, to the detriment of brands and media. “A return to the sources, recognizes Chris Cox, its director of products. This social aspect is preferred by our users. “

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