Facebook is seeking to build its platform of videos

Criticized for having left to spread false news, Facebook is preparing to launch this summer several information programs in the United States. Faithful to its strategy, the social network is not going to produce these daily appointments or weekly : it is associated with seven media outlets, including Fox News and CNN, the two major cable-news channels. “This is an important step in promoting quality journalism,” says Campbell Brown, director of partnerships with the media.

Facebook discount also boost the hearing of the Watch, its platform video launched in August 2017, which is still struggling to find its audience. The company does not scrimp, however, not. In fact, it funds dozens of original programs, in the hope of reaching a critical size to create a viable economic model, financed by advertising. According to the american press, the media partners will receive between 1 and 10 million (between 847 000 and 8,47 million euros) in the first year.

At this price, Facebook has been able to secure the services of several television stars. Anderson Cooper (CNN), Shepard Smith (Fox News) and Jorge Ramos, of the string in Spanish Univision, will a pellet a few minutes daily. “They will have total control over their editorial line “, promises Mrs. Brown. Other shows will be announced “in the coming weeks,” says this former anchor of CNN, hired in January 2017. Facebook would have allocated an initial budget of $ 90 million to this initiative.

In spite of the amounts advanced, the negotiations have been long and arduous, reports the Wall Street Journal. The previous projects of the social network does not argue in his favor. In 2015, he launched a new publication format, called Instant Articles, allowing for a faster display, and better visibility on the media…

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