F-Secure develops its activities in cyber security in the Uk with the acquisition of Digital…

This acquisition will allow F-Secure to offer a portfolio even more comprehensive solutions and services to enterprises, and to strengthen its position in the uk market for cyber security.

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Rueil-Malmaison, may 10, 2017 – F-Secure, an expert in cyber security, announced today that it has acquired Digital Insurance – a uk-based company, security consulting offering to the government and to businesses of different sectors (finance, petrochemicals, commerce, communication, defence) services to evaluate their security procedures. This acquisition will allow F-Secure to add the offer of Digital Insurance to its current portfolio, which already consists of its award-winning endpoint protection and other safety solutions and services in an innovative way. Organizations based in the United Kingdom will be able to more easily ensure their own safety, by soliciting the services of a single actor.

The cyber security through the prediction and prevention of attacks, their detection when they occur, and by a crisis management fast and efficient. To the extent that the cyber threats are becoming more complex, targeted, and persistent, the companies must, to defend yourself, be proactive, and rely as much on human expertise as on the power of technology.

According to Jens Thonke, Executive Vice President of services of cyber security at F-Secure, the team of specialists on Digital Insurance to help F-Secure to offer more to organisations located in the United Kingdom, all the expertise and technology they need.

“Digital Insurance has an in-depth understanding of the issues related to cyber security. This company offers a wide range of tests, advice and training, as well to the public sector and the private sector. This acquisition will help F-Secure to develop its service business and to respond to the growing needs of companies, in terms of cyber security, ” says Jens Thonke. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services, advice and products to more customers in the Uk and elsewhere in the world. ”

Digital Insurance specializes in testing services evaluating the security of devices, systems, and applications, but also in the security infrastructure as a whole. These tests include all types of technical evaluation : penetration testing, black-box, first-line, source code for detailed or further assessments of the system configuration to identify risks and vulnerabilities exploitable by cyber hackers. Digital Insurance also provides consulting services related to the overall architecture of the security procedures, the policies to be implemented in the material or the services of risk assessment.

For Greg Jones, Founder and Director of Digital Insurance, this acquisition will allow the British to take better advantage of the services and products offered by F-Secure : “in the last ten years, we have proposed the one of the services of security consulting the most sought-after in the United Kingdom,” says the latter. “I am proud of our team, and particularly excited to take this new step with F-Secure, who shares our values and has an outstanding expertise in the field of cyber security. We are looking forward to the idea of developing our services within F-Secure. ”
Through this acquisition, Digital Insurance will become a unit of the branch ‘Cyber Security Services’ of F-Secure. This acquisition will have no impact on the financial prospects of F-Secure in 2017.

About F-Secure

30 years of experience in cyber security. Always with the same engine : the innovation. The Finnish company now has unrivalled expertise in the fight against all the threats, infections such as ransomware in the cyber attacks advanced. To do this, F-Secure has developed a defence strategy sophisticated, which combines the power of machine learning and human expertise. The name of this unique approach : Live Security. F-Secure products are available through over 200 operators and thousands of resellers. They defend every day, tens of thousands of businesses and millions of individuals.

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