Experts, the Hungarian stock market goes against the european trend

The Budapest stock exchange share index, the BUX 76,69 accurate, or 0.22 percent decrease, 35 286,14 point, closed Tuesday.

The stock market turnover of huf 6.4 billion was a leader in the shares of OTP could increase the previous day’s close.

Crow Peter, Erste Investment Zrt. director of the M1 current channel explained: the Hungarian stock market goes against the european fairs with, while there is typically a 0.5 percent around plus you can see the BUX index, or 0.22 percent.

As told in the English papers all morning fall. The opening after the Monday night the S&P by upgraded OTP-t tried to buy the investors, but the first few minutes after he started down the English bank paper. By noon, early afternoon and lasted until the fall of the afternoon, a little sideways, and then the last half hour of the BSE to the international market, together with start up, so it is somewhat nice to know. Alone provides some comfort that the traffic is barely more than half the usual, lack of interest, summer trading was characterised by the Tuesday fair day, – said the director.

Mol 125 huf, 0,58%, 21 430 huf weakened, 1.3 billion huf turnover.

OTP shares 10 huf 0,11%, 9320 to huf strengthening, a turnover of 2.4 billion huf.

Magyar Telekom’s exchange rate has not changed, 468 huf, traffic 214,8 million huf.

The Richter paper price of 6 huf, 0,09%, 6749 huf fell on a turnover of 1,1 billion huf.

The small and medium shares index, BUMIX 2668,46 point closed on Tuesday, this is 66,28 accurate, 2,42% decrease of the Monday’s close relative.

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