Expert analysis, Mol pulled the Hungarian stock index

The Budapest stock exchange share index, the BUX 270,91 accurate, 0,76 percent increase, 36 143,37 point closed on Thursday.

The stock market turnover of 10.6 billion forints, the leader shares the Richter, with the exception of the increase in the previous day’s close.

Stefan Krisztián, Raiffeisen Bank, stock trader, the M1 current channel, said: a positive experience on the trading on the european stock markets, moderate plus in close in the stock market. The BUCKS in addition to performing, the domestic stock index is mainly due to the Mol.

The expert adds that, on Friday, inflation data is received from the United States, investors that are waiting.

Mol 500 huf, 2,33% 21 985 huf strengthened, 2.8 billion forints in circulation.

OTP share price 34 huf, was 0.36 percent 9599, huf has grown to a turnover of 3.2 billion huf.

Magyar Telekom’s rate of 5 huf, to 1.06 percent to 478 huf increased traffic 523,4 million huf.

The Richter paper price of 14 huf 0,20% 6885 huf decreased, the stock turnover of 1.7 billion huf.

The BUMIX 2719,86 point closed on Thursday, it’s 98,76 accurate, 3,50 percent decline in Wednesday’s close relative.

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