Expensya is participating in the G20 Young Entrepreneurs

Paris – June 8, 2017 – The start-up Expensya, specializing in the intelligent management of professional fees, will attend the 9th G20 summit of Young Entrepreneurs that will take place in Berlin from 15 to 16 June. Since 2010, the G20 Young Entrepreneurs is a unique event that brings together hundreds of business leaders on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Objective : to exert an impact on entrepreneurship in the world, by delivering concrete recommendations to the heads of State of the G20. Selected for his model, technologically innovative, and its international dimension, driven by the dynamism of its founder, Karim Jouini, Expensya will be part of a delegation of 33 French entrepreneurs, responding to this year’s theme : “#Digital Trends for Future Business “.

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Expensya : a start-up international and innovative
At the end of three days of debates and exchanges, the young entrepreneurs will submit concrete proposals to the heads of State of the G20, through which young entrepreneurs will address topics related to the growth, innovation and the creation of employment generated by SMES, ETI and start-ups.
This year, the French delegation put forward innovative enterprises, which Expensya, who has just completed a fundraising of one million euros. Expensya has been chosen for its intelligent solution that enables it professionals to manage more simply their expense, thus addressing the issues of mobility and automation of the expenditure.

“We are both delighted and excited to participate in the G20 Young Entrepreneurs. It will be for us to meet with 400 other entrepreneurs from around the world, to discuss with them the question of their international development strategy, to share our experiences, and especially to highlight the entrepreneur, who plays a key role in the growth, innovation and job creation. We have offices in Paris, Tunis, but also in Berlin, therefore, this summit of Young Entrepreneurs is fully part of the DNA of our start-up, who wants to be a young, dynamic, and challenging the standards, including the management of expense, ” says Karim Jouini.

Gather all the actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem

After Toronto and Seoul (2010), Nice (2011), Mexico city (2012), Moscow (2013), Sydney (2014) Istanbul (2015) and Beijing (2016), the summit of Young Entrepreneurs 2017 will be held in Berlin. The 33 heads of French companies will have the opportunity to share and reflect together on solutions to governments. The delegation has been selected by Citizen Entrepreneurs, the association is a member of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs (G20YEA) in France.

It particularly helps young entrepreneurs to accelerate their international development, especially as Germany is the main trading partner of France. The objective of this participation is also to foster the growth of entrepreneurs and SMES at the international, whilst bringing together all private and public actors, which constitute the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Work on common issues
The G20 Young Entrepreneurs is a place of encounters, exchanges and reflection. It is this diversity of objectives has seduced.

Karim Jouini : “Not only are we going to work on common issues with other members of the delegation, but we will also exchange with personalities from the political, economic and academic on many topics such as access to finance, the need for a fiscal framework and a stable regulatory, but also the innovation and diffusion of the digital economy to stimulate growth and employment through the entrepreneurial fabric “.

About Expensya

The start-up was founded in 2015 by Karim Jouini and is at the origin of an intelligent application management expense. Expensya has about thirty employees, distributed in its offices in Paris, Berlin and Tunis. It is now found and used in 18 countries in Western Europe, the United States, Brazil, South Africa, Tunisia, Singapore, Morocco, and Hong Kong.

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