Expected weather in the territory of the country Friday night

At first, mainly in the country’s eastern, north-eastern third, and in the west, the southwest may develop in places with a rain shower, thunderstorm in the gomolyfelhőkből. Night initially in the west, in the southwest, there will be more cloud and some showers, thunderstorms still possible, and everywhere reduced the cloudiness. Friday at first little cloud, sunny weather, and at the noon hour from a powerful gomolyfelhő-formation is likely, and in several places it occurs in the rain, thunderstorms, such as hail, downpour. On Thursday, the north-western winds, sometimes stronger, at night to abate the movement of air. On Friday, the wind southeast, and then délnyugatira turns and quickens. Thunderstorms in the environment of the wind storm become increased.

The lowest night temperature is usually 12 and 19 degrees expected.

The highest daytime temperatures on Friday, mostly 28 and 34 degrees in between, but in the north east is slightly cooler, the southwest warmer.

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