Expatriation : France is not a destination of ” work “

The French are on the move for the first job. This is what reveals the annual review of HSBC’s “Expat Explorer” survey of some 22 300 expats from 31 countries and published this Thursday 11 October.

The question ” Why you are you an expatriate ? “48% of French expatriates say they are starting to” advance their career “, 36 % “challenger” and 21 % because they are sent by their employer. And only 12 % are considering expatriation, to improve their quality of life. Europe (69 %), North America (14 %) and the Far East (8 %) are the three areas preferred by the French, who are on the move.

For nearly two-thirds of expats in the world, “the expatriation remains the catalyst of progressions wage significant,” says HSBC. But this is not the first motivation of expatriates, whose favorite destinations are, in order : Singapore, New Zealand, Germany.

Singapore is chosen for its stability to local economic, quality of life and education of children ; the New Zealand for the ease of integration into the society and the good balance achieved between private life and working life ; Germany for its professional opportunities.

France, all criteria combined, has increased by five places in the rankings HSBC of the preferred destinations for expatriates. It is seen as an el dorado for the quality of life, to which it owes its eleventh place (behind the united arab Emirates, but ahead of India). 73 % of expats in France consider that the quality of life there is superior to what they knew in their countries of origin. “For expatriates, retirees, France is a destination almost unbeatable,” says HSBC.

But France is not a destination of ” work “. “Only 29% of expatriates on site consider that France is a…

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