eve Sleep announces its ipo to consolidate its leadership in Europe and up 35 mil…

Pioneering european sales of lifestyle products dedicated to the bedding, eve, Sleep performs in London, the first IPO in the retail industry by 2017, and has seen its valuation reach to $ 140 million £

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Paris, France, on may 16, 2017 – eve Sleep, the startup at the origin of the iconic the mattress to the edges yellow, is given a mission to wake up the Europe side of Good Days. And this is a Good Day for eve Sleep ! Indeed, the european brand of bedding that specializes in the direct sale to consumers via the internet, today announced its introduction on a stock exchange (*), or IPO. This call takes the form of a conditional placement of 34 587 411 new ordinary shares of 0.1 pence each at a price of 101 pence per share with institutional investors or others, in order to generate gross proceeds of approximately 35 Million pounds.

The market capitalization of eve Sleep in the listing of the market exchange public AIM is to 140M£. eve Sleep also announces a fund raising of $ 35 million books (excluding expenses) which will be assigned to the advertising strategy and marketing of eve Sleep, and will serve as general working capital to support and implement its growth strategy.

Upon Admission, the Company will have 138 349 644 Common Shares outstanding. Admission and the commencement of trading of the Common Shares under the ticker symbol EVE is scheduled for may 18, 2017 at 08: 00. The ISIN of the Company is the GB00BYWMFT51 and the SEDOL code (instrument UK/IRL) is BYWMFT5.

“We open today a new chapter in the realization of our vision : to become the brand of bedding european leader. The proposal is direct and simplified that we make to consumers is a real innovation, in a european market fragmented which should be achieved by 2019 to approximately 26 billion pounds. The funds that we raise will enable the realization of our growth strategy, allowing us in particular to further penetrate our ten existing markets and to expand our range of products, ” says Jas Bagniewski, CEO of eve Sleep.

“This is great news for eve Sleep, as well as a group, at the level of each country, and in particular for France. This will enable us to continue the development of our market, ” says Charles Digby-Smith, head of eve Sleep France.

“eve has a strategy of growth is very clear, a management team of experienced and operational model is flexible, as many assets to capitalize on our momentum. We would like to thank our current investors for the constancy of their support and welcome our new shareholders. We look forward to the future with real confidence and we are determined to bring sustainable value to all our shareholders, ” says Jas Bagniewski.

The sales of eve Sleep is past 2.6 M£ at the end of the fiscal year 2015 (December 31) to 12.0 M£ at the end of fiscal 2016.

Since the end of fiscal year 2016, eve, Sleep maintains a dynamic, consistent with the expectations of its board of directors. In the first three months of the year 2017, its growth has followed a similar path to that of previous years, with gross margins remained constant.

The board of directors provides very good overall performance of eve on the european markets will continue, the brand eve continuing its conquest of the uk market and international markets.

The directors consider that the main strengths of the Company can be summarized as follows :

A strong value proposition made to customers, clearly innovative on a market that expanded and fragmented ;
A management team of experienced and a deep expertise in the field of online commerce ;
A marketing strategy is flexible ;
An optimized infrastructure to accompany and support the growth and ;
The financial indicators are very positive.
eve Sleep was published on may 15, 2017, in its Document of Admission, which will soon be available on its dedicated website for investors at the address www.investor.evemattress.co.uk.

About eve

Eve Sleep is a european brand of e-commerce specialized in direct sales of bedding products to consumers. eve Sleep designs and sells mattresses and other bedding products under the brand name of eve, as well as pillows, sheets and duvets.

eve has experienced a rapid growth, from a turnover of 2.6 M£ on the fiscal year 2015 (the first fiscal year of the Company) to 12.0 M£ in 2016. eve Sleep must this growth primarily to the capacity that it has had to ensure a market share and then to develop it, in the Uk, but also to expand its business to new foreign markets and develop new product lines. This growth is also the result of a strong value proposition made to customers (a brand attractive, a customer journey very simple and high-quality products at a price level very reasonable) and a marketing strategy flexible, driven by a management team of experienced.

eve Sleep focuses primarily on the design, the branding, the marketing and sale of its products, other operations (manufacturing, order fulfillment, etc) being outsourced. This model has allowed him to quickly grow internationally without the need for a significant capital investment.

The strategy of eve Sleep is to further penetrate its existing jurisdictions, to invest in new markets, to expand its product range and developing its distribution partnerships. Although eve Sleep has known a rapid growth since its creation, to its current share of the european market of the bedding, very fragmented, is estimated to be only 0.1 % ; this is why the administrators of eve believe that the growth potential is still important. The ambition of eve Sleep is to become the brand of bedding leader in Europe.

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