Eurosic – annual general Meeting and changes in governance

The general Assembly of shareholders ‘ meeting date approved all of the renewals and appointments of directors and censor, which had been proposed. The Board of directors is now composed of 14 directors, of which 50% are independent directors and more than 40% of women. It also comes with 2 censors.

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The Board of directors met at the conclusion of the annual general Meeting and has decided to adopt a new governance by separating the functions of Chairman of the Board of directors and Chief Executive officer. The Board has entrusted to Madame Sophie Beuvaden the presidency of the Council and has renewed Mr. Yan Perchet and Mr. Nicolas Ruggieri in their mandate of Director General and deputy Director General. Mr François Thomazeau joined the General Management of Eurosic as Director General Delegate.

The Board also renewed the composition of its Committees which are all chaired by independent directors.

Moreover, in the wake of his withdrawal to the coast, the Land of Paris SIIC has been transformed into a simplified joint-stock company.

The Board of directors of Eurosic is now composed as follows :

Ms. Sophie Beuvaden, President
ACM Vie SAM, represented by Mrs Pascale Bonnet
Batipart Immo Europe, represented by Mr Charles Ruggieri
Covéa coopérations, represented by Mr. Olivier Le Borgne
Predica, represented by Mrs Françoise Debrus
Mr. René Abate (*)
Mr. Jean-Louis Charon (*), Chairman of the investment Committee
Mr. François Couchou-Meillot
Ms. Dominique Daniel (*), Chair of the sustainable development Committee
Ms. Stephanie Frachet (*)
Mr. Benoit Herault (*), Chairman of the audit Committee
Latricogne (*), represented by Mr. Jean-Paul Dumont
Ms. Tatiana Nourissat (*), President of the Committee of appointments and remuneration
Mr. Yan Perchet
Debiopharm Holding SA, represented by Ms. Valérie Calvayrac, censor
Mr. Luc Guinefort, censor

(*) independent director

About Eurosic

Eurosic is a real estate investment company listed (SIIC), which manages an estate valued at close to 7.7 billion euros at the end of December 2016, consisting mainly of offices, located in Paris, in the paris region and in large regional cities.
The action Eurosic is a listed company on Euronext Paris – Compartment A under the ISIN code FR0000038200.

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