Europe : dealers in wines and spirits from sand champagne

The portcullis blocking the entry of european wines on the japanese market is going to rise. The outcome is inevitable. The maturity date of the highly anticipated. And for good reason. The customs taxes are expected to increase from 15 % to 0 %. A direct consequence of the trade agreement negotiated between the european Union and Japan.

“We hope it will be ratified in January 2019,” said Nicolas Ozanam, of the Federation of exporters of wines and spirits of France (FEVS). However, as stressed by Jean-Marie Barillère, co-chair of the interprofessional Committee of champagne wine (CIVC), the representative of the trading, ” once the agreement is ratified, it must be put in place. For us, it is therefore too early to speak about the impact on Japan. “

The previous trade agreement embraced by european traders, was Korea, in 2011. “Since its real implementation in place, the volume of wine we sell in the Korean market have continued to decline,” says Patrick Jestin, the boss of the trading company in bordeaux, CVBG-Dourthe-Kressmann, who continues : “The problem on the market japanese or Korean, it is that the Australians and the Chileans have, during the past fifteen years, negotiated tariffs equal to zero. A distortion of competition which has made us lose market share on the bordeaux less expensive. “

Embarrassed by the fluctuation of the yen

Between 2012 and 2017, i.e. after the resetting of the counters for the customs duties on alcohol in europe, volumes of French wines exported to South Korea have jumped by more than 50 %, a figure Antoine Leccia, president of the FEVS. However, this country weighs little in our exports.

In 2017, it ranked as the nineteenth largest sales of wines and spirits, with a turnover of 87 million euros. 0.7 % of the result of the marketing of alcohols hexagonal outside of our borders. A…

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