Eurexo change of visual identity : a great brand of expertise at the heart of the customer relationship

“The customer at the centre. This founding principle is now an operational reality which must constantly engage all of us. With the aim to provide a quality of service that are truly distinctive, ” explains Valérie Berthereaux, Director-General of Eurexo.

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Hyphen between insurers and their policyholders during a disaster for more than 20 years, Eurexo is engaged in a profound transformation aimed at strengthening its customer orientation through optimization of operational effectiveness, innovation, and digitization ; new uses create new expectations that require to evolve the offerings and innovate, including in terms of communication.

Eurexo therefore adopts a new visual identity, unique market expertise with a new logo, a new signature of the brand and a new graphic universe. “This change of identity reflects the transformation of the business and commits us permanently in the culture of the result and to be of service to our customers,” underlines the Director General of Eurexo.

The colours of the new logo and the form of its acronym, illustrate a dynamic certain, the plurality of actions and positive changes. Its typography, round and angular at the same time, corresponds to the empathy and the expertise that is essential in our business. The supported blue brings a guarantee of seriousness and serenity.
A new signature “Eurexo, the experts at the heart of the customer relationship,” which clearly positions the company and its issue. It is also the ambition to develop a scalable range of expertise that adapts to the expectations of the customers Eurexo and their customers ‘ clients for a quality service.
Launched on the 22nd of last June, the internet site has a brand new graphic universe. The promise of the brand “for living each day in spite of a sinister” is clearly highlighted on the home page. The navigation is simplified with a navigation bar dedicated to the essential information being sought : the areas of expertise, solutions and our agencies that constitute the essential information for the customers. Topics punctuate the home page to showcase some of the solutions or innovations. Finally, a space that is more institutional information on the company, its human resources, and the most frequently asked questions in expertise.

About Eurexo
Integrated to the Group Prunay in 1997, EUREXO SAS is a company dedicated to damage to property, IRD (fire and casualty), and RC, which employs 600 staff, with a turnover of 60 million euros.

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