EUR/USD: The Euro remains in its range, the forex holds its breath ahead of the US CPI

Uncertainty remains palpable on the EUR/USD this Monday morning, the currency pair remaining contained in the range which frames its evolution for almost 3 weeks.

The week last one had however been very busy, with the Fed meeting, the ECB meeting, and the NFP report on US employment.

Uncertainty dominates the EUR/USD despite the low price. a very busy schedule

Remember that the Euro Dollar has risen slightly; Wednesday evening face to face; the Fed meeting that gave place at a rate hike of 0.25%, but which also saw the central bank commit to half-word a break in rate hikes in June.

Thursday's ECB meeting, which also gave place at a rate increase of 0.25%, as for; it had a bearish impact on the currency pair, a significant part of the investors having anticipated; a bigger increase of 0.5%.

Finally, the NFP report on Friday, which revealed job creations and higher-than-expected wages sent the EUR/USD down as strong jobs numbers could challenge the Fed's commitment to the downturn. no longer raise rates.

In the end, the EUR/USD therefore passed; last week at oscillate within its range, with no impact on the general trend.

As far as this new week is concerned, the most important event will undoubtedly be the publication of the figures on Wednesday inflation, which could, like the NFP report, influence expectations for the next FOMC meeting.

Find all the important statistics for EUR/USD this week and the results as soon as they are published on the economic calendar.

Indeed, a higher CPI expectations would make investors even more doubtful of a Fed pause in June, just as weaker-than-expected numbers are likely to have the opposite effect.

Important technical thresholds for EUR /USD

Graphically, the EUR/USD 2023 peak at 1.1095 and the psychological threshold of 1.11 form an immediate area of ​​resistance ahead of 1.12.

À downside, the bottom of the range is at 1.09/1.0920. Lower, the 50 and 100-day MAs at 1.0845 and 1.0785 will be the next potential supports.

EUR/USD: The Euro remains in its range, the forex holds its breath ahead of the US CPI &nbsp ;

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