EUR/USD: The Euro brand new lows, but the fall slows down, before a few stats important

EUR/USD continues its fall

Although the fall is slowing, the profile of the pair EUR/USD remains in negative territory this morning (Thursday), in the context of a downward trend that extends from the top to 1.1570 about 9 January.

The EUR/USD has hit a new low this morning at 1.1370, down 200 pips in just over a week.

Yesterday, the news are rather light did not affect the exchanges, but the context may be different today, with an economic calendar more loaded.

We will watch in effect this morning at 11am on the inflation figures, european, front 3-us data at 14: 30 : The index of the Philadelphia Fed, housing projects and building permits of dwellings, and the inscriptions weekly unemployment.

It will also need to keep in mind that statements influential are possible in relation to the two main topics of the moment : The Brexit and the government shutdown in the United States.

From a graphical point of view, it is necessary first of all to highlight an important signal technical downtrend recorded yesterday, with the break of the moving average 100 hours under the moving average 200 hours.

At this stage, the next potential supports are at 1.1350, 1.13 and 1.1270, before the hollow 2018 at 1.1215.

Has the upside, a rebound would see the pair EUR/USD will face resistance on 1.14, 1.1425, 1.1450.

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