EUR/USD : Opening quiet, before a significant burst of statistics major

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This week on the 30 April 2018 could prove to be crucial for the EUR/USD pair, with many events influential to be expected in the economic calendar, after a week already dense last week.

It should be remembered that the Euro had fallen, in the face of fundamental factors that are bearish. It can be noted, including the meeting of the ECB, which has been seen as a more dovish than expected, or even the GDP of US, which has been shown to be superior to the expectations, at 2.3% in Q1 2018, compared to 2% expected.

In this context, we had been able to observe a sharp fall of the EUR/USD pair, which was marked by a weekly low at 1,2055 Friday, after a summit in 1,2288 in the beginning of the week.

In the short term, it should be noted that the pair already had a Friday before the end to regain the psychological threshold of 1.21 is achieved, which should encourage bears to be cautious. In the case of a break below this psychological threshold, the lowest of the smeiane last 1,2055 and the symbolic threshold of 1,20 will be the first media to monitor.

If, on the contrary, it is the rise, which is preferred by the traders, the thresholds at 1,2150 and 1.22 will be the threshold for monitoring priority. For the moment, the EUR/USD currency pair shows a dynamic very slightly upward, coming in contact with its moving average 100 hours, an indicator that had blocked an attempt to increase last Thursday.

Finally, we should note that this week will be particularly busy, with many staitsiques major : ADP Report, Fed meeting, ISM index or report NFP : events influential is not to be missed these next few days, which could lead to an increase of the volatility.

More specifically, this Monday, traders will need to monitor CPI preliminary German April at 14: 30, and then the expenditures of households in the US and in the price index Core PCE at 14: 30.

Currently, the EUR/USD pair hovers around 1.2130 on the Forex, in anticipation of the start of the european session.

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