Erste group became Central and Eastern Europe best bank in the Euromoney survey in

Erste group received the Central and Eastern Europe best bank in recognition of the Euromoney international financial journal from – communicated to the vienna-based financial services MTI on Friday. UniCredit informs me that five awards given by Euromoney.

The Euromoney financial magazine Euromoney Excellence Award this year 26. time was awarded in the financial sector the most prominent members around the world.

The Erste group that earned the award, to be perfectly recognized and made use of the growth opportunities, and ride the digital revolution wave of the region.

Erste group also won the Austria, Czech republic and Montenegro best bank recognition Romanian subsidiary, Banca comercial of Romana (BCR) and Central and Eastern Europe’s most converted bank.

Romania’s number one bank, the BCR was successfully cleaned portfolio, significantly improved its profitability and stable growth of lending.

Erste group 47 100 employees in Austria, the Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Romania 16,2 million customers served. At the end of march with the client outsourced total loan portfolio 133 billion euro.

Erste group in last year’s all-time best results achieved; the bank group’s net profit 1,26 billion euro, the risk costs decrease as a result.

The UniCredit five awards, including Italy’s best bank in Croatia best bank in Central and Eastern Europe’s best asset management bank as well as Central and Eastern Europe best transaction services bank addresses. Jean Pierre Mustier, ceo of The year financier of 2017 recognition.

Jean Pierre Mustier assessed the results of the Euromoney, among others, pointed out that a year ago since his appointment, the bank successfully carried out a 13 billion euro ipo, at the right moment and the right price sold the fund’s activities is not covered and non-performing assets and businesses, while consistently insisted on the prior accepted strategy.

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