Ericsson’s chairman, bought the shares before the Cevians entrance…

Ericsson chairman Leif Johansson bought shares in the telecommunications company for around sek 2 million in the beginning of may – possibly troublesome considering how short a time thereon Cevian flagged up as a major shareholder.

This writes the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet on Wednesday.

”Already in march, Ericsson’s management and the ceo, information about the Gardell was on his way into the company”, the magazine writes, citing to Cevianrepresentanter made it clear to Ericsson’s ceo after the annual general meeting (which took place on march 29) to aktivistfonden had intended to take the place of the nominating committee.

Leif Johansson does not want to give details to the SvD when he received information that Cevian had intended to take the place of the nominating committee, which he himself leads.

”Ericsson has good procedures in place to protect sensitive information, and when the reason to establish a logbook (records of which and the time at which the persons to be served not audience kursdrivande information) so we did it. I comment not in the detail which meetings I have or what was discussed at these meetings,” said Leif Johansson to the magazine.

According to the Swedish financial supervisory authority an insider list, per the may 12 bought Leif Johansson on the same day of 35,000 shares in the company in the course of 57:50. On Wednesday, the first trading day after Cevians ownership was known, closed in Ericsson B at the 63:40 sek, slightly more than 10 percent higher thus, and equivalent to a cumulative gain at the post office on more than 200,000 Swedish kronor.

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