EOS gives up 13% in a bear market

EOS were $7,1006 at 23:34 (21:34 GMT) Investing.com Index on Thursday, down from 13,42% on the day. This is the biggest decline since February 24.

This downward movement resulted in a drop in the capitalization of EOS to $6,7404 B, or 2.59% of the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies. Has its historic peak, the capitalization of EOS has risen to $17,5290 B.

EOS has evolved in a range extending from $7,0394 to $8,4708 over the last 24 hours.

Over the last 7 days, EOS has posted a progression of +22,59%. The volume of EOS traded in the past 24 hours has reached $4,3289 B is the 4.53% of the total trade on all crypto-currencies. It has evolved in a range extending from $5,9659 to $8,4708 in the last 7 days.

At its current price, EOS evolves 69,10% below its historic peak of April 29, 2018 to $22,98.

Bitcoin is changing to $8.165,4 on Investing.com Index, down 4.77% on the day.

Ethereum has evolved over a $243,72 on Investing.com Index, down from 7.37%.

The total capitalization of Bitcoin has reached $146,8796 B 56,51% of the total capitalization of crypto-currencies, while the capitalization of Ethereum has reached $26,4389 B 10,17% of the total value of the market of crypto-currencies.

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