ENYO Pharma strengthens its team Business to support its international development

Arrival of a chief financial officer and a Vice-President, Corporate Development and Strategy

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Lyon, may 11, 2017. ENYO Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company developing new molecules using technologies inspired by the virus, is strengthening its team Business with the recruitment of a chief Financial officer and VP, Corporate Development and Strategy, both of which will have a strong experience of pharmaceutical companies.

For Jacky Vonderscher, Director-General of ENYO Pharma, “We are very pleased to welcome these two personalities whose solid experience and proven skills will be crucial to accompany us in our international development. They will strongly contribute to the establishment and development of our business strategy and participate in the acceleration of our Business Plan. This strategy focuses initially on our flagship project EYP001, an agonist FXR developed for the treatment of hepatitis B chronic, and for which we also consider other indications such as NASH. In addition, the company plans to evaluate all options in relation with new therapeutic approaches to target other infectious diseases, but also other therapeutic areas of interest, such as oncology. ”

Mrs. Pascale Boissel, chief financial officer

Pascale Boissel will be responsible for all financial activities and support in ENYO Pharma. Pascale is a specialist in the finance, structuring and business operations with 25 years of experience in the field. Before joining ENYO Pharma, she has been Deputy Director General and Director of Finance & Administration of the Technology Research Institute BIOASTER, an independent organization non-profit developing programs of collaborative research in the field of infectious diseases and microbiology. In 2009, she joined the biotechnology company Ipsogen, where she served as financial director and has contributed to the reorganization of the u.s. operations of the company. It has played a major role in the transaction that resulted in the acquisition of Ipsogen in 2011 by Qiagen. Earlier in her career, Pascale has also been VP Finance in the management control and transaction groups for several French companies listed in the CAC 40, as well as audit and consulting in corporate finance at Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Dr. Nicolas Guyon-gellin key, Vice-President, corporate Development & Strategy

Nicolas Guyon-gellin key will be responsible for the development of the company and of the strategy in ENYO Pharma. As a doctor with a strong experience in financial markets, he brings to ENYO Pharma its valuable expertise in international health markets. Before joining ENYO Pharma, he worked as a research analyst in finance at Morgan Stanley in London, covering so many businesses of varying sizes and has been involved in numerous banking companies. Prior to that, he worked for Exane BP and Amundi where he was in charge of the recommendations of the investment of international pharmaceutical companies. Nicolas is a graduate of the University of Paris V as a general practitioner and also holds a Master’s degree from ESCP Europe.

A multidisciplinary team of over 20 people is now working together to support the growth of ENYO Pharma. The company is dedicated to the discovery and development of new drugs thanks to its unique approach mimicking the molecular mechanisms viral.

About EYP001

ENYO Pharma ltd. has obtained an exclusive and worldwide license of Poxel SA on the patents of a family of molecules agonists of FXR. EYP001 is a small molecule of different structure of bile acids, acting on the nuclear hormone receptor FXR in a human. It is developed for oral administration to patients with chronic infection by the Hepatitis b virus and FXR is a promising new target for drugs with multiple activities on viral replication and its persistence. EYP001 interferes with the replication of HBV after its entry in the liver by affecting the activity transcriptionelle of the cccADN. Activation of FXR by EYP001 offers the potential of removing the most effective of the virus, paving the way to a real healing of the sick.

EYP001 is being evaluated in clinical phase 1 in patients infected by the hepatitis B virus and ENYO Pharma is currently in the process of characterizing EYP001 in pre-clinical for other indications such as NASH. Partial results from the trials are “first-in-man” (ClinicalTrials.gov NCT03110276) were presented to the meeting EASL-ILC on the liver in Amsterdam on 22 April.

About FXR

The receiver farnesoide X (FXR) is a nuclear hormone receptor, also known as the receptor for bile acids, that regulates several paths to metabolic and in particular the fate of the bile acids in the liver and the intestine. It also influences the insulin sensitivity of the tissues in which it is highly expressed. The class of agonists of FXR has recently gained attention in the hepatobiliary diseases and metabolic disorders. Activation of FXR has a favorable effect on the regeneration of the liver and its effect in the prevention of liver fibrosis has already been demonstrated in rodent and in humans.

About the technology platform for ENYO Pharma – http://www.enyopharma.com/science/principle/

ENYO Pharma SA – www.enyopharma.com

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