Enertime is finalizing the implementation of its funding to a maximum amount of 3.0 million eur

ENERTIME (FR0011915339 – ‘ALENE), a French company of “CleanTech” in the service of the industrial energy efficiency and renewable energy production decentralised (biomass and geothermal), announces :

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The issuance of 2,250 warrants issuance ODIRNANE1 with Share Subscription warrants (” BSA “), for the benefit of the investment fund YA II PN, Ltd.
The request for disbursement of the second tranche of 450 ODIRNANE, for a total gross amount of 450,000 euros2. The ODIRNANE of this second tranche are subject to 37 589 BSA with an exercise price of 8.38 €. The issuance of the second tranche will take place in the 10 trading days which follow.
These operations, which are the result of the vote of the 5° resolution by the AGM of 9 June 2017 and the decisions of the Board of Directors of the company held on June 12, 2017, in the framework of the maximum financing of up to a maximum of 3.0 M€, which had been the subject of a press release on march 24, 2017.

By including this 2° tranche, the issuance of ODIRNANE, to date, amounted to€ 1.2 Million. It remains 9 increments from 0.2 M€ each, which can be learned. In the case of a drawing of all of the slices and in the event of exercise of all of the BSA, the supply of equity could be increased to a total of 5.1 M€ 3.0 M€ from the refund of ODIRNANE in new shares, Industries and€ 2.1 Million from the exercise of the BSA attached to the ODIRNANE.


The characteristics and modes of operation have been provided in the annex of the press release dated march 24, 2017, and are available on our website : www.enertime.com. In addition, the Company maintains on its website a table of monitoring of Good banks, ODIRNANE, BSA and the number of shares of the Company outstanding.

1Obligations of Indefinite Duration with the option of a Cash Refund and/or New Shares and/or Existing

218 ODIRNANE additional shares were issued for a nominal amount of 18.000 euros in respect of the commitment fee. These 18 ODIRNANE are assorted 1 503 BSA with an exercise price of 8.38 euros.


Created in 2008, ENERTIME designs, develops, and implements machinery to Cycle Organic Rankine (ORC) for industrial energy efficiency and decentralised production of renewable energy. The machine ORC can transform the heat into electricity. ENERTIME is one of three main global players and the only French mastering the full technology of machines of high power (1 MW and more). Based in Ile-de-France, ENERTIME has 42 employees, including 26 engineers and has offices in Lyon and Strasbourg, as well as representatives on the Island and in the Philippines. The Company is qualified as “innovative company” by Bpifrance. The Company is recognised as a “Creative Industry” – French. Enertime is listed on the market Alternext Paris to Euronext. ISIN : FR0011915339 – Mnémo : ‘ALENE. More information on www.enertime-bourse.com.

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