Energy : “beyond the economic situation, the French nuclear industry has undeniable assets “

[The preference of the French for nuclear power is at the heart of the public debate that took place until 30 June on the “multi-annual programming of energy” (EPP).]

Forum. The international success of the French nuclear industry for many years represents a significant gain for the national economy. The choices that will be made by the end of 2018 on the multi-annual programming of energy (EPP) will be crucial for the years to come, in terms of jobs and balance of trade.

With profitability was burdened by investments that were not profitable, the financial crisis and the nuclear accident caused by the tsunami that devastated the northeast coast of Japan in march 2011, Areva has had to restructure and be recapitalised. The nuclear industry has also suffered the vagaries of the inevitable when one discovers, after twenty years without major construction of infrastructure in Europe, the business of major projects and the effects of the classics, prototypes or heads of series, in a repository of regulatory non-stabilized.

All of this is a lot, and the doubt set in. The good news will go unnoticed, and the entire chain is weakened.

Skilled jobs sustainable

But there is in the areas of wind and solar photovoltaic, in spite of a strong desire and significant grants ? Danes and Germans dominate the market of onshore wind technologies, offshore of Alstom and Areva have been times respectively by General Electric and Siemens, the market of photovoltaic panels is largely dominated by China, which also contributes to its cost competitiveness. In short, in these areas, the skilled jobs are not in France ! Of course, one must develop alternative energies, but not at any price, and in terms of what they can actually bring.

This industry represents today…

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