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On June 13, 2017 – After 13 years spent in management of various companies, Baptiste Delcroix has all the assets to carry out the development of this network. He lives and works in the region Mâconnaise. Self-taught and entrepreneur in the soul with the taste of the challenge and the challenges he has in his career, set up several businesses and took the direction of the other via equity participation or mandates, and leadership in the areas of construction, architecture and real estate development in France and in Switzerland. Manager with an overall vision sharpened the steering, decision-making and operational of a company, he had been aware for some time that he had to reorient its activities in order to create a single pole around the real estate and finance.

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His research led him to BANCAssurances.com in 2012, and he joined current 2015. Contacts have been taken with different signs. Very quickly, several brands have been ruled out, too young, too closed, not serious enough or too difficult to contact. “I wanted to have the support of a structure that is serious and solid before I start on a new adventure professionally. The franchise appeared to me as the ideal system, I kept my independence and could benefit from advice, support, experience and know-how network “.

So he has turned to BANCAssurances.com one of the signs of FranchiseCourtier.com that develops since 2005 a network of multi activity sole, with the Bank, Insurance, and real Estate finally reunited !
With 40 branches in France and abroad, the brand has opened in 2010 its network to the franchise, creating “Bancassurances.com”.

In line with the quality policy of the brand, each of these agencies meets certain specific criteria : proximity, availability, quality, and professionalism. The strength of these settlements is the appropriate response that each franchisee brings to the need of each individual or company.

Support and awareness

Yet it is through the personalised support that Baptiste Delcroix has started its activity in Mâcon. Initial training, start-up assistance, management… a team with each franchisee, from the time when his application is accepted. But the key for Baptiste Delcroix remains “the brand image, the reputation and the dynamism of the sign. The network seemed to me to be well-structured, with a few years of experience behind them, an undeniable expertise and logistics which I thought was very effective. The dice were thrown, the sector was in full development, the network selected, the folder could be started.

FranchiseCourtier.com followed and supported end-to-end :
– Advice in the choice of the legal structure
– Help in the choice of location of the agency (sending photos of the premises visited, geo-location based on population, road traffic, traffic, pedestrians, bus lines)
– Aid in the mounting of the contingency plan, training of the responsible agency (theoretical on the historic site of FranchiseCourtier.com to Grenoble and practice in immersion in an agency driver

The constitution and the presentation of records, approvals have been carried out jointly with FranchiseCourtier.com.

A first balance sheet after 2 years of activity

According to Baptiste Delcroix the future of this market is exponential. In effect, customers want a real service, a single point of contact and be able to have a global vision of their needs and their expectations. “Nobody likes to go see his banker, or his or her insurer, this is why our network is in perfect adequacy with the evolutions of the market and the expectations of the general public “. It is important to know that networks traditional bank have initiated a plan for closure of their local agencies for about a year and for a further two years, because of the closure of the agency by day, on the national territory.
For example, the LCL has just announced that it will close 240 branches by the end of 2019, giving priority to those of large size. This is the last of the commercial banks to engage in the reduction of its network, after the Société Générale – which will close 20 % of its branches by 2020 – and BNP Paribas. (Echos of the 21/03/2017)

“As to the general agents of insurance companies, their offerings of products becomes obsolete in comparison with the rapid evolution of markets and the expectation of the customers. And then, a little reminder : a general agent for insurance represents the interests of the insurance company, so that we, as brokers, we represent the interests of our customers, ” adds Baptiste Delcroix.

And if it was to do it again?

“Our young network is called to grow up and take an important place in the fields of banking, insurance, and real estate. In fact, we are to this day, the only network multi-activities with the capacity to support every customer, in search of a property, or financing thereof, as well as all the party insurance “. The panel of services FranchiseCourtier.com does not stop there. They also accompany the professionals in financing their business project as it is a creation, a takeover or a buyout. The sign is then responsible for the follow-up of their insurance needs.

The icing on the cake : solutions exist for all the individual customers who would be in a situation of over-indebtedness. In fact, a lot of French households could avoid a situation of over-indebtedness if they were properly advised and accompanied. “This is why we can study all the financial situations and in most cases, propose a restructuring of the debt through our various banking partners, and thus avoid the passage through the box over-indebtedness “.

In a few words, Baptiste Delcroix summarizes his role, ” In FinanceCourtier.com we will find you the property of your dreams, we are funding everything that is fundable and we provide everything that is insurable “. To this day, it is the only network to offer all of these services within a single sign. A winning formula the ” 3M ” : Multi-Activities • Multi-Partners • Multi-Products.
And he adds, ” our motto is, and will remain, the council, the satisfaction and the protection of our customers “.

The key to the success of FranchiseCourtier.com

FranchiseCourtier.com 1 job board of the brokerage, a collaborative that brings together the different brands and formulas of membership :

BANCAssurances.com, historical actor of the brokerage in credit and insurance available to individuals and businesses
AssurBanques.com network of brokers in the home for individuals
Brokers bi-activities, Bancassurance and Assurbanquiers can opt for the formula BANCAssurimo.com, gateway to the estate and access to the brokerage multi activities. The portal of real estate ads will offer any buyer the package financing and insurance.

Brokers have the freedom to work with the partners of their choice. The offer includes a pack services monthly for the covers and statutory approvals, management tools, software packages, web portals, training, etc

The company thus responds to different profiles, for an exercise at home or in the agency, whose target is the individual or the company ; with the possibility of exercising the profession of real estate broker.

About FranchiseCourtier.com
European group for brokerage, he works with contractors on different stages of their projects, training in the start-up business. The one-stop shop for multi activity with the bank, insurance, and real estate, brings a real added value to its brokers and their clients. FranchiseCourtier.com is the leader in France in the brokerage sector multi-activity and multi-service, thanks to the richness and relevance of its offer : AssurBanques.com, BANCAssurances.com and BANCAssurimo.com. The Group has more than 40 dealers in France and is present in several countries : United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Morocco. It is focused on building a brokerage network international.
More information : www.franchisecourtier.com

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