Elon Musk spreads the disorder by stating that he wishes to remove Tesla from the stock Exchange

In a few tweets, Elon Musk has put the mess on Wall Street. The founder of the car manufacturer Tesla has said on Twitter, Tuesday, August 7, that he intended to withdraw his company from the stock Exchange, but that he would remain CEO. The information has quickly led to the suspension of the action, so that it flew over 7 %.

Shortly before the closing of the stock Exchange, Tesla has finally confirmed that Elon Musk wanted to remove the constructor of the odds but said in a blog post that the final decision would be taken after a vote of the shareholders. This announcement comes as Tesla is the subject of repeated attacks of speculators, who are betting on its collapse.

Am considering taking Tesla private at 0. Funding secured.

— elonmusk (@Elon Musk)

“I’m planning to remove Tesla from the stock Exchange at 420 dollars. Assured funding “, had written, at the mid-session on Wall Street, the CEO of Tesla on Twitter. At that price, Tesla, whose title was 367,25 dollars Tuesday, before his suspension, would weigh more than 71 billion dollars, and would be nearly $ 20 billion more expensive than General Motors, the first u.s. car manufacturer.

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