“Elon Musk multiplies the faux pas without being able to convince them that Tesla has finally become an industrial “

Chronic. For a time, Elon Musk had not spent the night curled up in a sleeping bag on the floor of an office of the Tesla factory in Fremont (California), in order to try to find sleep between two meetings without end. This August 7, the CEO of electric car-maker had woken up in his luxurious villa in Bel Air, Los Angeles, alongside his new companion, the singer of electro-pop canadian Grimes, before jumping behind the wheel of his Tesla S, one of its famous racing cars. Towards the airport, where a jet was waiting to fly to its giant factory of batteries located in Nevada.

It was beautiful to have the life of James Bond, to use his smartphone while driving is never okay. Yet, in a gesture compulsive disorder, Mr. Musk could not help but tweet a eye distracted that Tesla was going to leave the stock Exchange, ensuring that the financing of the transaction was ” secure “. He has even gone so far as to announce that the shareholders would offer 420 dollars per title, starting his flight.

The withdrawal of the Grant which was finally abandoned

A month later, one realises that it is only a new swerve on the part of the unpredictable entrepreneur. Nothing is secure. Neither the amounts nor the identity of the investors may participate in the transaction and, still less, financial communication, which is worth to him today to be in the sights of the constable of the american stock Exchange for price manipulation.

While the project was finally abandoned on 24 August, Mr Musk gives the impression of a contractor at bay, which multiplies the faux pas without being able to convince them that Tesla has finally become a manufacturer, able to manufacture cars on a large scale, and especially to earn money, which has never happened since the creation of the company in 2003.

During the first half, it continued to lose at a rate of 250 million…

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