EDF enters the race for the electric car

The first electrician in the world could not miss the shift to electric mobility at a time when the movement of the own vehicle is accelerating, particularly among car manufacturers. The CEO of EDF, Jean-Bernard Lévy, has announced, on Wednesday, October 10, a plan to make the” energy leader ” on his four major markets (France, Uk, Italy and Belgium) in 2022. After the “solar plan” (end of 2017) and the “plan storage” (march 2018), the group complements its strategy in favour of the energy transition.

EDF had already initiated this process through its subsidiary Sodetrel, which manages a network of 200 rapid charging (80 % full in twenty to thirty minutes) on the highways of the Hexagon, or one every 80 kilometres. It was decided to create a special division ” EDF electric mobility “. Entrusted to Yannick Duport, until now director of commerce Ile-de-France, it will be attached to the executive director, Henri Lafontaine, patron of trade and services.

“The context is favorable, there has been a general movement of the company policies and the manufacturers, who are investing billions in electric vehicle. He had to accelerate, ” says Mr. Duport, who recalls that the EDF has tested the first electric vehicles… in 1972. The transport is responsible for 20 % of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, and the electric vehicle is a major response to the climate challenge. And powerful competitors, such as the French Engie and the Italian Enel, are already on the track.

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EDF has several advantages : a portfolio of 35 million customers on the Old Continent ; and a very high satisfaction rate, even if the group continues to lose subscribers since the opening up to competition ; and a production carbon-87% with nuclear power. “In 2022, we will provide 600 000 electric vehicles, or 30% of the market of the four countries where we are implanted,” says Duport.

But, as soon as 2019, EDF will launch a commercial offering incorporating the provision of green power, alternatives for those who have a parking space (and “innovative solutions” for those who don’t), as well as services to optimize the charging and use of the battery of the vehicle.

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“In 2022, we will provide 600 000 electric vehicles, or 30% of the market of the four countries where we are implanted “

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