Economic news for Forex 14/05 to 20/05

Dear readers,

Each week, the team offers a summary of economic events important that you will have to follow to not get caught and reduce the chances of losses. For more information on the indicators that are followed, you can refer to the part that concerns them here.


Here are the economic indicators to which attention should be directed this week to be able to avoid losses and anticipate future trends :

Tuesday :
– the minutes of the monetary policy in australia (03: 30) ;
– the annual development of the british inflation at the end of April (10: 30) ;
– the numbers of building permits granted in the USA at the end of April (14: 30).

Thursday :
– the figures of employment and unemployment, australia (03: 30) ;
– the monthly evolution of retail sales in the uk (10: 30) ;
– the job numbers in the US during the previous week (14: 30).

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