Ecofi Investments, partner of the platform Euronext Fund Service Paris

Ecofi Investments is one of the first management companies to engage the sides of the Euronext listing some MUTUAL funds on the new platform which has just been launched, Euronext Fund Service Paris.

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“We accompany Euronext for more than a year for the deployment of this distribution platform, and we are particularly proud to participate in the launch. It is a new mode of distribution of the MUTUAL fund management company, and a real opportunity of development for Ecofi Investments in the extension of our digital strategy, ” said Laurent Vidal, Director of Development.

This platform will include :
• to facilitate the access of our clients, institutional investors, individuals or corporate, and to give more visibility to our funds ;
• to develop new channels of distribution and reach of investors ;
• to increase our international exposure ;
• to go in the direction of the story, and to take advantage of a technological tool and innovation.

Ecofi Investments has decided, as a first time lister 6 OPC flagship in its range :
• Choice Solidarity (FR0013252038) : Sicav diversified, SRI and solidarity-based
• Ecofi Actions SCR (FR0013252046) : fund shock-absorbing action and decreases the SCR Market
• Ecofi Convertibles Euro (FR0013253374) : fund of convertible bonds to combine the best of both worlds, that of the bonds and the shares
• Ecofi Future Challenges (FR0013253069) : fund international equity, SRI, invested on the thematic and structural carriers of tomorrow
• Ecofi Companies (FR0013252053) : fund classification ” diversified “, which is based on the construction of an assembly well-functioning credit
• Epargne Ethique Flexible (FR0013242096) : Sicav diversified managed according to our filter ISR the most committed to invest for a world of responsibility

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