Eat local ? “I thought it would have been more complicated and more expensive “

Finished the grapefruit of Florida, the green beans from Kenya, the Nutella… many French have made the choice to eat local for all or part of their diet. As the possibilities to buy in a short circuit, are much diversified, “drives farmers” in the specialized sites. The locavores freshly converted to recount what has changed in their daily lives.

Nicole, age 66, a former nurse in the operating room capita in Anglet in Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the ” eat anything “, many of the dishes prepared due to lack of time. Now retired, she spends more time in the kitchen. In the market, it favors local production and feeds it to the rhythm of the seasons, even if sometimes ” it is hard to wait for the apples and the kiwis in the corner “. Finished off the cheese from the supermarket, she only eats the sheep out of the pit of the producer in its region with whom she likes to chat. The important thing for her is to “promote local heritage” and have fun.

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