E-commerce – TheAgent.com up 300.000 E of crowdlending

Paris, June 7, 2017, The French platform TheAgent.com, intermediate between fashion brands and e-retailers, has raised 300,000 euros via the platform of SME loan Look&Fin in order to finance an upcoming acquisition.

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TheAgent.com has been launched by Dimitri Dewavrin in 2012. The company has developed a BtoB positioning itself as an intermediary between e-commerce sites, well-known european brands looking for a growth relay to the international.

The platform manages the online placement of their products via its network of 75 distributors and sites of flash sales partners in the world such as La Redoute, Zalando, Showroom Privé, Privalia… It has more than 200 fashion brands customers.
TheAgent.com supports for its customers, digitization of the catalogues, product, shoot, translation, data flow, logistics, and customer service.

The e-trader has completed in 2016 € 8 million turnover and employs 25 employees.

The market for e-commerce cross-border is currently in full boom on the one hand by the development of emerging countries and, secondly, by the trade facilitation via management tools, taxes and customs documents, as well as customer feedback.

Present today in 20 countries, TheAgent.com also plans to accelerate its international expansion by establishing themselves in 10 new countries, including Russia, Brazil, India, Japan, and the united arab Emirates.

The development strategy of TheAgent.com also fits in the realization of external growth transactions. In this respect, the acquisition of a competitor in French will enable it to strengthen its expertise and its offering as well as its positioning on its market.

Why the choice of crowdlending ?

TheAgent.com who has already borrowed up to 200,000 € in 2015 with Look&the End comes once again to appeal to this actor in the crowdlending to raise around 300,000 € to finance, in part, the acquisition.
Dimitri Dewavrin, the Founder and CEO of TheAgent.com, explains this choice : “We have developed a relationship of trust with Look&fin, who understands our needs. The crowdlending is a financing solution very effective alternative : it allows us to raise funds very quickly, without having to provide personal guarantees, or dilute the capital of the company. The growth opportunities are to quickly grasp and I knew that with Look&Fin, things would go quickly and in a structured manner, allowing me to stay focused on my development. Objective to be reached again, the amount was gathered in just a few minutes ! “.

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