DRONE VOLT deploys its license DRONE VOLT ACADEMY / 1st partner center in Reims

DRONE VOLT, the French manufacturer of drones, civilian professionals, announces the deployment-licensed DRONE, VOLT ACADEMY, his school training in the piloting of drones. This school is at the heart of the strategy of building a global offer aimed at professionals.

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The center DRONE VOLT ACADEMY of Villepinte in the paris region offers training in the piloting of the drone since 2014. The curriculum DRONE VOLT ACADEMY allows operators of drones to be operational immediately for their missions. The simple introduction to the preparation of the Patent ULM needed to steer drones professional until the photogrammetry, all the training modules in the catalogue are provided in respect of the quality charter DRONE VOLT. The rate of initial training for 1 week starts from 2.200 € HT.

In 2016, more than 200 consumers of drones have been trained, of which 95% of professionals. The candidates trained by DRONE VOLT ACADEMY have a success rate of nearly 99% with the review of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Olivier Gualdoni, CEO of DRONE VOLT, says : “The training is one of the essential links of our global offer of high value-added services around our drones civilian professionals. It is thanks to our complete solutions, including the drones for business applications, pilot software, training and maintenance that we are now able to attract large groups in the strategic sectors of the CONSTRUCTION industry, and security. With our license model, we deploy our know-how without additional investment, while strengthening our brand recognition and the visibility of our products. ”

To a deployment in France and internationally

In order to meet the heavy demands of training, DRONE VOLT has decided to create a network DRONE, VOLT ACADEMY, first in France and then internationally, in the framework of license agreements.

To obtain the license DRONE VOLT ACADEMY and deliver its training modules, the partners will the candidate undertake to meet the requirements of the quality charter DRONE VOLT ACADEMY. They need to have infrastructure indoor (for theoretical part) and outdoor secure and authorized for training in pilotage.

In the long term, DRONE, VOLT ACADEMY, covering the main French urban areas and the main countries where the Group operates, whether in Europe, in Africa or in North America.

A first opening today in Reims

DRONE VOLT inaugurates its network of trainers, partners, DRONE VOLT ACADEMY with its first centre in Reims. Arnaud Gilotin, expert instructor and a pilot of a MICROLIGHT and uav professionals, provides today the training in the piloting of drones in the Reims region, and more broadly the greatest.

Bernard Berthier, Head of training in DRONE VOLT, added : “We’re going to bring a great care in choosing our partners in order to maintain the level of excellence that we already have on our site of Villepinte. I am very happy that this first agreement will see the day with an expert from the drone as Arnaud Gilotin. ”

Next press release : revenue for the 1st half of 2017 the week of July 17, 2017

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Established in 2011, DRONE VOLT located in France, Benelux, Canada, Denmark, the United States and in Switzerland, is a company specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of drones to civilians for professional use. Global partner, it offers its customers business solutions “key in hand” including different services and pilot training.

The young innovative company, which achieved a turnover of 6.8 million euros in 2016 (+90%), is the leader of the drone audiovisual. It also provides the administration and industry for the realization of aerial shots. Among its customers, the company has FRANCE TELEVISIONS, TF1, the Gendarmerie Air Transport (GTA), POINT.P, a, etc DRONE VOLT is qualified as “Innovative Company” by Bpifrance.

DRONE VOLT is a publicly traded company listed on the market Alternext Paris :

Action : Mnémo : ALDRV.PA – ISIN Code : FR0013088606 – Eligible : PEA, PEA-PME

BSA : Mnémo : DRVBS – ISIN code : FR001286054

More information on www.dronevolt.com

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