Donald Trump upset that the map of the circuits of production in East Asia

“Trade war” or mere “friction” ? No matter the words. The higher the customs duties between the Chinese and Americans began to reflect on the industrial of East Asia, notably the japanese. Believing that “the impact of customs duties is important,” Toshiba Machine Co. had to transfer, in October, the production of machines used in the United States. These allow the manufacture of molds for plastic parts. Today assembled in China, they should now be in Japan or in Thailand.

The manufacturer of construction machinery, Komatsu is going to do the same with the production of parts for the excavators assembled in the United States. They will now be designed in Japan, Mexico or even directly in addition to the Pacific, and not China. A transfer estimated at 4 billion yen (31 million euros).

The specialist in interior design and home appliances Iris Ohyama has to move from China to South Korea for the manufacture of air purifiers, ventilators and other appliances for the u.s. market, in a factory whose inauguration is planned in 2019.

All companies do not follow the same path. The majority instead chooses to wait for better days. Some negotiate with their clients the impact of rising costs, or seek to discuss the modalities of application of taxes. This is the case of the steel manufacturer Japan Steel Works, which has asked for exemption of customs duty on the steel used for the manufacture of bearings for the automotive sector of the us. But the procedure is long.

1.2% drop in exports in September

According to a survey conducted in September by the economic newspaper Nihon Keizai, 22 industrialists have already taken steps, or are about to do so, to limit the losses caused by the tax increases. Others may follow, because no one knows where the climbing…

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