Donald Trump accuses Twitter of to the disadvantage of conservatives

The Twitter accounts for conservatives would be to believe the president of the United States, discriminated against by the social network. Thursday, 26 July, Donald Trump has accused Twitter of ” shadow banning “, that one could translate by ” banning ghost “.

As found by several personalities of the american right, some of their accounts no longer appear in a space is very specific to Twitter : auto-suggestions appearing when entering a search. The chair of the republican Party, Ronna McDaniel, for example, is moved in a tweet : “This is what it looks like when a company responsible for a social network silenced the voice of conservatism. “

This is what it looks like when a social media company suppresses conservative voices.

— GOPChairwoman (@Ronna McDaniel)

The politician imposes his message a link to an article on the news website Vice, which has seen several similar cases.

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