Digitisation can affect a broad range of banking products, according to SEB.

Fintech industry has opened my eyes to a wide range of banking products such as mortgages and corporate lending, which means that the digitisation in the future may affect these segments, which account for the majority of the banks ‘ lending.

It writes SEB Equity Research, in an analysis with the perspective that this involves a risk for the established major banks.

So far, the major part of the competition against the major banks first and foremost been visible in segments such as asset management, savings, cards, and consumer loans.

”Through increased transparency and decreased cost of distribution, we believe that utlåningsprodukter who are at risk include the Swedish (and Norwegian) mortgages, lending to Swedish tenant owner associations, and large parts of the banks ‘ corporate lending”, is called it in the analysis.

These segments are , on average, over 50 per cent of the major Swedish banks ‘ total lending – most of Swedbank and Handelsbanken and at least for Nordea.

SEB held during may and June digitaliseringsseminarier with banks, fintech companies, the infrastructure company and other stakeholders.

One of the conclusions that SEB Equity Research report after the seminars and after the communication with the banks over the last few months is that Swedbank has come the furthest, while Nordea risk to fall behind significantly in the next two to three years.

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