Dieselgate : the Porche Cayenne will not be registered in Switzerland

The road authority of switzerland on Friday announced the suspension of imports into the country of vehicles, Porsche Cayenne diesel have undergone manipulations on polluting emissions. This interim prohibition applies only to models Porsche Cayenne 3 litre diesel to be registered in Switzerland for the first time. The Porsche Cayenne already registered will, however, continue to circulate, but they must be submitted to the standards, said the federal roads Office (FRO).

22.000 vehicles recalled

Last month, the German ministry of Transport has ordered the recall of about 22,000 Porsche Cayenne and Macan diesel after the discovery of a system to minimize the level of their emissions. It was discovered during testing that these vehicles are the luxury brand of the Volkswagen group were equipped with a system enabling the reduction of polluting emissions at the time of the tests, but the turning off when driving on the road.

The cars affected by the recall should be a change in the software in the garage, those still under construction will not have the right to be sold for the time being, according to the German ministry.

(with AFP and Reuters)

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