Dieselgate : the German justice perquisitionne to new sites Audi

New episode in the scandal of the diesel that is shaking up the automotive industry for the past two years. The German court has once again raided, on Tuesday 6 February, the sites of the manufacturer Audi, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group, is suspected of having manipulated the emission of more than 200,000 of its diesel cars.

Several members of the public prosecution and the judicial police of the regional States of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg ” were raided on Tuesday a private home in Baden-Württemberg as well as offices and business premises of the Audi sites in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm “, in the south of the country, announced in a press release the prosecutor’s office in Munich. The investigators are interested in the installation by the manufacturer of a software program used to ” manipulate the polluting emissions of diesel engines 3-litre V6 destined for the european market “, he added. “We are cooperating fully with the authorities” responded by writing a spokesman for Audi solicited by the AFP, without giving further details.

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