Dieselgate : Daimler in turn suspected of massive fraud

The diesel, yet. Nearly three years after the outbreak of the scandal of diesel engines rigged at Volkswagen, it is the turn of Daimler to feel the wind of the cannonball. The Stuttgart manufacturer, who clamoured for 2015 have never handled his engines, could be resulted in a considerable turmoil. For several days, the group undergoes the combined pressure of justice and the ministry of transport that the suspect has installed on its diesel engines with pollution control systems illegal on several hundreds of thousands of vehicles.

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The scandal of the “dieselgate” affects Daimler

Friday, 1 June, new revelations have made clear the magnitude of the threat that weighs on Daimler. According to information from the magazine Der Spiegel, the minister of transport Andreas Scheuer has threatened the CEO of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche, to a fine of € 3.75 billion during their interview Monday, may 28. The boss came to explain the charges against his group : the minister suspected the builder to have installed remediation systems illegal in 750,000 vehicles of the brand Mercedes. Daimler-risk 5 000 euros fine per vehicle.

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