“Dieselgate” : a German engineer of Volkswagen sentenced to seven years in prison in the United States

Why Oliver Schmidt he took the risk to go to spend a few days of vacation in Florida with his wife, in January ? The wrong he has done : the German engineer of Volkswagen has been arrested by the FBI at the Miami airport, while he was preparing to embark for his return flight to Germany. This 48 year old man was sentenced on Wednesday, December 6 by a us federal court in Detroit, to seven years in prison and $ 400 000 (339 000 euros) fine, in the framework of the fraud with emission diesel Volkswagen.

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This summer, after six months in jail and unsuccessful bail applications, Mr. Schmidt had pleaded guilty to having lied to the federal government and violated the law on air protection. In exchange, the judge had dispensed with nine other counts, which he might have claimed, in all, one hundred and sixty-nine years in prison.

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