Dewayne Johnson, the man who put Monsanto on the bench of the accused

“I will fight until my last breath” : in spite of his terminal cancer, Dewayne ” Lee ” Johnson, an American 46-year-old who sue the firm Monsanto and its popular herbicide, Roundup, keep the smile. And hope to be accountable to the multinational company, in the lawsuit against the giant agro-chemical.

After a month of debate, the twelve jurors began, Wednesday 8 August, in their deliberations. They will have to answer three questions : the Roundup, Ranger Pro and its active ingredient, glyphosate, are they carcinogenic ? Monsanto has he tried to hide these risks to consumers and to the regulatory agencies or international ? How much should he pay for these damages to the complainant and his relatives ?

Diagnosed in 2014 with an incurable cancer

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