Deflamo AB Deflamo AB: Development of new product for bio-based materials – Dried Biofiber

Malmö, 7 June 2017

Deflamo has developed a new liquid product line in order to be used in the impregnation of the natural fibres and bio-based materials. The products are a result of a multi-year research and development work together with customers and research institutes. The properties of the products are specifically designed to give good flamskyddsegenskaper in natural materials and bio-based fiber that is used in, for example, biofiberkompositer and bio-based insulation materials, as well as in technical textiles.

An example of the use of the industrihampafiber is in the manufacture of strong fiberkompositer (for example, components for lamps), with characteristics reminiscent of kolfiberarmerad plastic. Another example is the inredningspaneler in the automotive industry, where several car manufacturers today are using industrial hemp. Deflamos product, Dried Biofiber, is well-positioned to take market share in this segment, where demand increases with respect to efficient, and in addition, bio-based flame retardants.

Other examples, where the Dried Biofiber has a market and demand, is in the cellulose, spun nanocellulose, flax, cork m.fl. All of these materials now has a robust growth and increasingly used in regular and industrial materials, where they are replacing technical and oil-based products. These applications often need to flamskyddas and as the industry strives to avoid the traditional flame retardants is this to the advantage of the flame retardant Apyrum, which is one of the few bio-based flame retardants.

The new product, and Dried Biofiber, an addition to the existing liquid products; and Apyrum Bio-FR Canvas and Apyrum Heavy. The production will take place in the Karlshamnsfabriken where there is good capacity for the expected demand. The development of the product takes place continuously, bl. a. through participation in the German research project “Biogenic Flame Retardant”, which is working to develop a bio-based flame retardant for thermosetting resins in the molded products. The project, led by the German institute Transferstelle Bingen (TSB), which specialize in energy efficient, sustainable and renewable energy.

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About Deflamo

Deflamo is a specialty chemical company that develops, produces and markets environmentally superior flame retardant under the product name Apyrum. Apyrum is a patented, eco-friendly and biodegradable

biodegradable alternatives to dangerous flame retardants that are harmful to the environment and health. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North. Avanza is the company’s Certified Advisor.

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