Declaration of bankruptcy of Air Berlin

Declaration of bankruptcy of the Air Berlin airlines on Tuesday, after its main shareholder, Etihad Airways has decided not to support anymore financially, the German airline. Air Berlin stated, however, that will continue the work.

The company’s management, the competent berlin-charlottenburgi court would have taken the initiative to bankruptcy proceedings start against him. This procedure forms remains the company to control the business.

They added, negotiations on the Lufthansa airline, as well as other leads for more business parts to sell.

The company’s website, you wrote that you do not modify the flight plan in, continue to be the already announced flights to buy a ticket, and the booked tickets are still valid. The same is true for the Air Berlin subsidiary, the austrian Niki airline.

The federal government’s eur 150 million bridging loan available, Air Berlin available to ensure that you don’t have to stop the operation. Ms Brigitte Zypries federal minister for economic affairs according to the loan approximately three months to ensure the company’s operations. At the same time is excluded, the state would assume the company’s debts.

This is not the first time that the German government loan helps you out of the company, which for years at a loss, and the previous year 780 million euro deficit. The situation this year at the end of march, the summer timetable at the time of transition deteriorated drastically, since regular were the delays and the flight blackouts.

Lufthansa announced that the German government jointly support the airline’s restructuring efforts. This step ensures that Air berlin from the Eurowings and the Austrian Airlines for staff with leased machines will continue unchanged operate – written.

Lufthansa is already in talks with Air Berlin-group in certain parts of the takeover and examine new workers employment opportunity – on.

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