David Solomon, now the sole candidate to take over as head of Goldman Sachs

The way is free for David to Solomon, which should become the next boss of Goldman Sachs. Its main rival, Harvey Schwartz, will leave the bank with the most prestigious Wall Street on April 20, retiring after twenty years of service, has announced the group Monday 12 march. Was 55 years of age, Mr. Solomon thus remains the sole candidate to succeed Lloyd Blankfein, 63 years of age. After twelve years of rule, the latter should relinquish his chair in the near future, probably before the end of the year, believes the Wall Street Journal. The transition will toggle the bank, which will celebrate its 150 year in early 2019, in a new era.

Mr. Solomon joined Goldman Sachs in 1999, after beginning his career at Bear Stearns as the seller of ” junk bonds – junk bonds – and led the department store business of Goldman Sachs for ten years, until 2016. He had been appointed number two to the bank with Mr. Schwartz at the end of 2016, after the departure of Gary Cohn became economic advisor to Donald Trump at the White House.

A symbolic step

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