Dassault systèmes and Airbus APWorks combine to accelerate the use of the manufacturing ad…

Additive manufacturing allows companies in the sectors of aerospace and defence to do “more with less”

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This collaboration builds on the platform 3DEXPERIENCE and the expertise acquired by APWorks in the field of 3D-printing metal
Validation virtual for the certification of parts manufactured in series in 3D

LE BOURGET, June 20, 2017 — Dassault systèmes (Euronext Paris : #13065, DSY.PA), The 3DEXPERIENCE Company, world leader in software 3D design, digital mock-ups in 3D and solutions of management of the life cycle of the products, and Airbus APWorks GmbH, a subsidiary of Airbus specialised in 3D printing of metal, announced the signing of a partnership agreement collaborative to promote the use of additive manufacturing (3D printing) in the large-scale production in industries of aerospace and defense. This collaboration builds on the platform 3DEXPERIENCE of Dassault systèmes and the expertise acquired by APWorks-in-council, engineering and production, to encourage new developments in the validation process virtual additive manufacturing.

Dassault systèmes and APWorks will extend the capabilities of the solution, “Co-Design to Target” Dassault Systsèmes to develop an integrated process to ensure the continuity of digital of all parameters of engineering which, from one end to the other of the value chain, are involved in the additive manufacturing of a part. Thanks to this approach, the process of additive manufacturing will become reproducible and scalable, optimizing the design to production.

Thanks to additive manufacturing, aircraft parts of new generation become lighter and more reliable. With the gradual emergence of patterns of increasingly sophisticated, new high-performance materials and machines faster, its use is beyond the scope of the creative design and prototyping of products to establish itself as an industrial manufacturing process inescapable in the world.

The virtual technologies can help accelerate its adoption on a large scale. The new process developed by Dassault Systems and APWorks provides a unique source of data for the design of materials carried out upstream, as well as for the manufacturing process and the tests carried out downstream. The integration of 3D design, combined with process engineering and simulation, optimizes the design parts for additive manufacturing, allows to apply settings standardized, and ensures compliance with certification standards. The following steps, such as testing, optimization, and additive manufacturing of a part, can be associated with the identified parameters. Outsourcers (OEMS) can optimize their designs conceptual by connecting them to their supply chain in order to perform validation virtual at every step, but also detect potential problems, before launching the manufacturing of a part.

“The platform 3DEXPERIENCE is an important first step for series production to become reproducible and scalable. The 3D simulation can help to anticipate and avoid the manufacturing of defective parts “, says Joachim Zettler, CEO of APWorks. “The aviation industry is very focused on safety, and the introduction of new products usually takes a lot of time. With the validation process virtual additive manufacturing, we can think of to make 3D parts that are ” certified to be mass-produced “.

“The virtual technologies and additive manufacturing allow manufacturers to do more with less waste, lighter and lower cost, while offering designers the freedom to explore complex shapes which could not be manufactured with traditional processes,” says Michel Tellier, vice president, Aerospace and Defense, Dassault systèmes. “It is only by reducing the distance that separates the real world from the virtual world that the industry will be able to create and experiment the future. As with APWorks, Dassault systèmes partners with companies at the forefront of innovation in this area to accelerate the adoption of this technology in the industry. ”

In addition to the sectors of aerospace and defence, this collaboration will focus on potential applications in the fields of automotive, medical, robotics, and mechanical engineering.

Dassault systèmes will be present at the international exhibition of aeronautics and space, which is held at le Bourget from may 19 to June 25, 2017 (stand E172 (Hall 2B ; chalet B161 (on invitation).

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About Airbus APWorks GmbH
A 100% subsidiary of Airbus, Airbus APWorks GmbH provides aviation technologies proven at the disposal of different industrial sectors. A specialist in additive manufacturing of metal, the Company covers the entire value chain, from the optimized design of parts and components to the choice of appropriate materials, prototyping to series production qualified. In sectors such as robotics, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, medical technology, and aerospace, our customers have access to parts that are functionally integrated and optimised to combine a weight-reduced and delivery times shortened. 3D printing also allows to manufacture products whose geometry is much more complex than previously. Airbus APWorks GmbH is established since 2013, on the Ludwig Bölkow Campus, in the south of Munich.

About Dassault systèmes
Dassault systèmes, ” The 3DEXPERIENCE Company “, provides business and people with virtual universes are necessary for the design of sustainable innovations. Its solutions, the market leaders are transforming to its customers, the design, the manufacture and the maintenance of their products. The collaborative solutions of Dassault Systems used to promote social innovation and provide new opportunities to improve the real world through virtual world. With sales in over 140 countries, the Group brings value to more than 220 000 businesses of all sizes, in all industries. For more information : www.3ds.com.

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