Darwinex : sales and monthly volume increase

Darwinex : sales and monthly volume increase

Darwinex : sales and monthly volume increase

The broker regulated by the FCA, Tradeslide Trading Tech Limited, which operates the network of trading social Darwinex.com, has significantly increased its revenues and profits during its second year of operation.

The turnover grew from 146,500 euros in 2015 to a little over a million euros in 2016 (year ending 30 June), with a net profit of 535 000 euros.

Darwinex has declared that, by mid-2016, the volumes of forex trading in its system will be about $ 8 billion per month.

On a geographic basis, approximately two-thirds of the trading activity of Darwinex come from european customers.

Darwinex is always a player to be relatively small in the world of Forex licensed under the FCA, but it has maintained its cost base low. The three co-founders and owners, the brothers Juan (CEO) and Javier Colon, and CTO Miguel Gonzalez have managed to grow the business with minimum outside capital.

Darwinex provides a trading platform and social trading mirror which allows experienced traders to qualify as “DARWINS”. The Darwin Exchange (Darwinex) class the best strategies for trading as financial assets marketable, allowing the beginner traders copy the strategies of experienced operators.

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